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No VFD Required

Refer to product label for warnings and indications. Use only as directed. Withdraw 42 days prior to slaughter.


antimicrobial for swine

Over the years, Mecadox medicated feed additive has proven to be an effective tool in a wide range of health and management situations. Mecadox delivers benefits under a wide range of growing conditions such as:

  • Presence of enteric disease challenges
  • High-health or low-health status
  • SEW or conventional nursery management
  • Crowded or adequate floor space
  • High-lean genetic potential
  • Wean-to-finish buildings
  • New or used facilities

Mecadox also offers:

  • Effective control of enteric pathogens
  • Can be used in nursery, grower and early finisher diets
  • Multiple approved dosages and combinations

Mecadox 50 g/ton

Mexacdox Brochure

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